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The blockchain technologies is obviously invading consumers and most businesses are embracing it at a quick pace. This is largely on account of the advantages provided by DLT, such as cost saving, anonymity, security, and transactions that are quick. One such industry embracing blockchain technologies is that the online gaming business, together with blockchain-based casinos coming up, for example Let us have a peek at why blockchain engineering casinos tend to be better than their conventional counterparts.


Most casinos conceal some information from users, like winnings. They also have. When gamblers do not know more about the tricks that give the house better odds over them, without comprehending the reason they continue betting and shed. Meanwhile, the standard casinos take advantage of this ignorance of its own consumers, in a way.

Blockchain casinos have removed the possibility of using such tricks that provide the home a better advantage in winning. They ensure transparency and ensure that the chances are clear and transparent. They give a play platform for gamblers. By way of instance, offers 0% house advantage casino games. This eliminates scams and transparency also ensures that there is trust between both parties. All of this is possible due to the simple fact that the majority of the blockchain casinos make from the worth of this coin that users buy and invest on the stage than from earning money at customers' expense.

Info is Secure and secure

Casinos involve gamblers giving away their personal information including debit cards and credit cards details whose security is not 100% safe. Gamblers' private information is always at risk on those platforms, and it can be exacerbated by the tedious necessity before one can start placing bets, to fill in a great deal of details as a part of registration procedure.

Blockchain casinos have removed this problem and made sure that the consumers' personal information stays safe together. Typically, all one has to do is make a deposit and get started playing. It removes the tedious job of filling out forms to combine and logging to play. Blockchain casino platforms are a lot easier and safe to play on.

Save on costs

The traditional casinos are known to have significant costs associated with transactions and deposits. Besides the already heavy charges, additional duties and taxes, making them shell out a fortune that was little further burden users , just to be able to play.

These costs can be stored on online blockchain casinos, even since the trade costs are low or absent. These programs are not dependant on regulated payment solutions, making trade processing considerably less costly. In the same way the withdrawal and deposit prices are low on blockchain casinos.

Better accessibility

Blockchain casinos utilize cryptocurrencies. These electronic money forms can be used from anywhere in the world. It is an additional advantage because there are areas and those residing in these regions are deprived of trustworthy gambling platforms. Together with blockchain casinos, most users get a chance to have fun without relying upon websites and gaming corners, which are normally risky, insecure and costly.

Additionally, users will have access and it can be carried out almost immediately, if they decide to deposit or draw the funds/winnings in their accounts. That is, blockchain casinos are hence safer, simpler and better than conventional internet casinos.

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1xBit Casino — Scam or Not?Review


If you want a casino that has a broad variety of casino games and sports occasions to place wagers online, 1xBit won’t disappoint you. Being in the gambling industry since 2007, this website offers Bitcoin casino games and sports betting wagers that resides up to your preferences. Whether you are a sports betting a seasoned bettor or newbie, you are extremely much welcome to place wagers game. This 1xBit casino review commends it to the easy interface that allows gamers a smooth gaming encounter. Gamers get to bet with no complications in the way. The loading time is fast for gamers to see the match’s results. Monitoring your wagers has come to be so much simpler with its system.


With popular sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football, horse races, along with tennis, you won’t ever become bored betting on this site. One look at its choice is like a feast for the eyes. If it comes to casino games, this website offers classic types such as slots, blackjack, baccarat, craps dealer, dice, blackjack, video poker, along with progressive jackpots. Apart from that, there is a world segment in which you could bet on the market. They have a virtual TV which makes it feasible to bet on games or other events happening in real time. Numerous wagers will also be potential with the alternative that is Multi-LIVE. Wagers can be placed by you . On top of that, it accepts Bitcoin which any Bitcoin casino inspection would love.

The matches of 1xBit have been created by software suppliers like Gameart, Microgaming, Endorphina, Betsoft Netent, and also Play’N Go. With games powered by these applications suppliers that are outstanding, it’s impossible for any 1xBit casino inspection to say anything negative .


1xBit welcomes new bettors having a 100% first deposit bonus up to 1 BTC. In addition, it has tournaments, promos, and VIP bonuses. Besides these, it gives players get the opportunity to win something from shedding. To enable you to do your best next occasion, you’ll get around 0.5 bitcoins from having 20 successive reductions.


You can bet on 1xBit with Bitcoin. No other type of payment is permitted. With the currency that is digital, you can have your deposits and withdrawals very quickly and at a minimum price. To make a Bitcoin accounts, all you will need to supply is a Bitcoin address.

However, remember that there were a few scam reports that surfaced before. A small number of players believed to have been required to provide documentation for withdrawals and 1xBit obstructing players’ accounts after accumulating winnings.


This casino review applauds the site for getting players to be catered by 47 languages such as Italian, German, Korean, Vietnamese, Romanian, and Spanish from different parts of the world. Once you’ve chosen a speech, you can get in touch with the service team via their chat. If you have a concern that is non-urgent you can also email them.

777Coin Casino — Scam or Not? Com Review | Best Bitcoin Casinos 2019

You will probably be left unimpressed with 777Coin the first time you visit its site. It seems nothing. You may even think that it's less than ordinary. The design is so-not-2016. You might alter your mind the moment that you start learning more. Underneath the outdated graphics and tabloid-like font and design is a fantastic bitcoin casino you may choose to consider signing up a account.

777Coin started in 2013 purportedly with the aim of providing the very best casino experience to gamers. It should not be a lot time to acknowledge a few of the items that this casino has ever been able to offer. This online gambling site offers a variety of exciting games such as all-time favorites such a Satoshi Slider and Bit Drop, as well as blackjack, poker, roulette, video poker. Even better, the games offered are all provably fair. You don't need to take their word that you will play with a gaming platform that is trustworthy. If the games are fair You're able to actually test.


You can expect a system that doesn't require government intervention or the participation of other parties to have transactions processed because 777Coin utilizes other cryptocurrencies along with bitcoins. That is why trades are often almost instantaneous oftentimes. As long as you properly shield wallet, you can expect your money to be secure since 777Coin additionally employs a system that prevents bitcoins from becoming stolen on line. The casino has also deployed 2FA or even authentication.

777Coin has been adding games and new features. Do not be discouraged from the less than contemporary look of this internet casino. You get hooked with the games as Soon as You start playing and may just enjoy the ease of its demonstration


Dated-Looking but Snappy Site

As mentioned in the introductory portion of the 777Coin inspection , this online casino's site could use some improvements in the looks department. It is not bad but looks dated. The texts are too big and the design can not pass for a site that is modern. The website appears"cartoon-y." Nevertheless, these superficial complaints all are quashed by the website performs. Pages load quickly. The drop-down menus quickly look. The animations don't influence the loading time of pages. It's simple to locate what you're searching for since there is just minimal info presented on the site. Since they seem to have been there for many months 30, if they can be considered news, even though we doubt some site news are also posted on the site.

Quirky although superfast Registration Procedure

777Coin has an automated registration system which supposedly makes it easy playing. With this, all you need to do is deposit your cryptocurrency and proceed to playing. We are not sure how it works, however, because we could not discover a deposit button inside the webpage or the homepage. We had been required to sign in or register, when we tried to access the Settings page. This review presumes that this automated registration system has already been abandoned.

If you want to try the games you do not have to enroll for an account. So you can try them without time signing 16, all games come with demo versions. Signing up for an account isn't going to take a great deal of time. Once you you hover your mouse pointer on the Account menu for registering the online form looks. You merely need to enter a username and password and you are all set. There is no demand to get an email verification.

Once you click on the Register button, you'll be given your own username (the username you entered before is not likely to become your own username ), cryptocurrency deposit speech, and key URL. The key URL permits you to start your accounts and password. You have the choice to set your username and password on.

After performing so component of the 777Coin review, we believe something went awry with the arrangement of the enrollment. It appears that the"automatic account creation" is triggered by your own signing up for an account. Basically, the first time you input a password and username does not rely on anything. We did an evaluation and clicked on the Register button without entering anything. We had an accounts made by doing this (with the automatically created username, deposit speech,a plus secret URL). It was hard to work out although it is not exactly what we anticipated based on what we read about the texts of the site.

Account Dashboard that Requires Some Time Familiarizing

By hovering your mouse pointer on the Account 13, your account dashboard seems. It. The dashboard provides the functions similar to what most other dashboards provide. You can then add an email account, change password and your username, and empower authentication. Just like the rest of the 777Coin website, everything in the dashboard is extremely responsive and quite easy to figure out.

777Coin Games — Provably Fair and Straightforward

777Cion offers 6 categories of matches as exhibited around the menu. These categories are Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Bits & Bar, Bit Fall, and"More Games." Classes can be found by you if you visit the page for those games. These categories are Card Games, Table Games, Jackpot Slots, and Particular Games. We believe we will need to mention these other classes in our 777Coin review for those key words.

  • There's just 1 roulette game and it is a timeless version that enable you to spin the wheel and acquire up to 35x the wager you set. Bets are from a minimum of 0.001 mBTC into a max of 100 mBTC.
  • There is also 1 blackjack game, which is also the timeless version. Allowed stakes are from the 0.001 mBTC into 50 mBTC.
  • Once it comes to poker, now you'll find three versions available: Jacks+, two's Wild, and S-Aces. The array of allowed bets for all these games is from 0.001 mBTC to10 mBTC.
  • The sport under Bits & Bars is officially known as Bits & Bars Deluxe. It is an updated version of the old one on 777Coin. It includes a higher max bet (range: 0.08-20 mBTC), higher top decoration, and more opportunities to acquire bonuses.
  • The Bit Drop sport, on the other hand, is a high stakes game that gives the chance to win around 5,250 mBTC each bitcoin wagered. The wager range is from 0.001 mBTC to 10,000 mBTC.
  • Finally, the"More Games" category offers six matches. All these are Bit Spin, Roulette, Suits & Sevens, Jewels & Gems, Baccarat, Satoshi Slider, Bit Boxes, Seven Box, and Pyra Plunder.
  • On the left of all the game pages on 777Coin are buttons which reveal the winners of their present game, the rules of the game, and the (Proof) widget for testing the provably reasonable claim of the website.
  • Clicking over the Proof button (or even the provably fair button that includes each of the games on the website ) opens a widget for testing the match's fairness. Brief instructions about the best way best to use this widget are supplied. Well, given this, it's clear for this 777Coin inspection to conclude that this internet casino is provably acceptable .

Sport Platform and Software Required

We initially believed that 777Coin's matches have been in Flash but it's clearly mentioned on the homepage of the site which the matches and site attributes are in HTML5, Javascript, along with CSS3. We originally considered giving a great deal of praise in this 777Coin review for the games accessible because of how quickly and nearly perfect they are. However, considering that they are not actually graphics-intensive, it is just to be expected that these games work.

777Coin does not depend on software and the matches given by renowned game platform or software providers. The games and software are developed. However, we could state that the games on this online casino are not inferior to the ones provided by online websites that are gaming. They might not have the very engaging images but they work as intended and with considerably less computing resources utilized.

Mobile Gaming Supported

777Coin's desktop edition might not resemble a modern website but it really has a web layout that is responsive. When loaded onto a mobile browser, the website looks great. Because the games are in HTML5, it is also to be expected that they can work well on browsers and almost all devices. Well, you can not use Opera Minijust like the case with internet casinos.

777Coin has no cellular app there is neither one for Android nor even iOS for Bada Windows Mobile, along with the Firefox Mobile OS.

Bitcoins along with Altcoins Accepted

Cryptocurrency gambling fans will be thrilled to know that 777Coin does not only accept bitcoins. In addition, it takes litecoins (LTC), dogecoin (DOGE), dashboard (DASH), and peercoin (PPC).


The deposit is 1 mBTC. For withdrawals, there is no minimum. There is no shortage withdrawal limit. However, each withdrawal is charged a fee of 0.00025 BTC or 0.25 mBTC. There are not any details concerning the maximum and minimum deposit and withdrawal levels for altcoins. But this review that is 777Coin will believe that the very exact amounts use. We haven't received a reply although we explained this with customer service through the message widget that was fast.

No Bonuses But with a Great Referral Program

777Coin does not provide a sign-up/welcome bonus. It also does not give even a bonus or a first deposit. But this online casino provides a 10 percent share of all profits (in bitcoins) earned in the players that you get to refer to the website. In addition, in the event the player you referred wins the jackpot, you get to get 5 percent of the jackpot prize that is awarded. These sound better because there are wagering requirements.

Website Languages, players Served

There's absolutely absolutely not any explicit details as to whether or not players from the USA are accepted, about the website. However, you will find online sources which state that US players may play and wager on this internet casino. The data can't be verified by us once we made a query during the email sending 25, since we have not received a response.

Site website is just available from the English language.

Customer Care and Social Media

Customer service for 777Coin is restricted to an"online chat" widget and via the messaging system. You are able to contact the next on in case you don't receive a response on throughout the"online chat" facility.

Zodiac (development and service concerns)

Lightlord (for additional concerns )

Even the"online chat" does not seem responsive. Until we chose to finalize this review that is 777Coin , we still did not get any response. That was nearly half a day of waiting.

More about 777Coin

We find it hard to locate authoritative information . We couldn't find other sources to validate this although it is allegedly located in Murrieta City. We also couldn't find the page because of its terms and conditions.Similarly, we could not find information regarding its online gaming license and regulation. The relevant information are too infrequent although there. The website's Contact Us page only points to some profile from forums, Zodiac (development and support person) and also Lightlord (website owner and CEO).

The Twitter accounts for this internet casino comprises nothing easy and there is no Facebook account.

Pros and Cons


  • Superfast page loading and extremely responsive page components
  • Games load quickly and did not experience difficulties during our evaluations.
  • Quick account registration although somewhat confusing at first
  • Provably fair matches
  • Great affiliate rewards method


  • Dated site layout
  • Non-responsive chat client support
  • Too restricted information about the casino
  • No information about licensing and regulation

Betchain Bitcoin Casino Launched by SoftSwiss Gets Reviews

Betchain Bitcoin Casino Launched by SoftSwiss Gets Reviews

SoftSwiss continues operating at full rate and we are pleased to announce a second successful launch of a Bitcoin casino to get our valuable client. already starts getting positive reviews from gamers and casino pros and becomes aggressive in the iGaming sector.

“We appreciate how SoftSwiss put in a great deal of time and effort to ensure that the final product would be ready to go live on time” explained Brian Mason, Betchain Casino Manager. “They were patient and helpful during the whole process.”

Bitcoin gambling is one of the very promising market niches right now. Obvious advantages of a casino above a fiat currency casino are extended player solitude , global outreach, real time payments and dangers of fraud and chargeback. Betchain decided to become part of the rapid growing fashion and target the most innovative section of gamers by using Bitcoin as a sole payment procedure.

Appealing design and user friendly interface provide an experience to both novice and seasoned players. Skillful players or those who only started exploring the possibilities of Bitcoin can get extensive additional info by following hyperlinks in the menu that is bottom or contacting the support team with a certain inquiry. Fantastic client support is priority #1 in Betchain.

A vast array of premium-class casino games can be played for pleasure cash or Bitcoin based on skills, their experience and desire to win. For better motive, winners are listed by Betchain directly on the home page. Another nice thing about Betchain online casino is their Vip Program offering generous bonuses and promotions for loyal players.

Betchain Casino already gets positive comments from the audience. It has got A++ score at Bitcoin Casino Pro, one of the most trustworthy media resources devoted to Bitcoin gambling. We are excited about our client’s success and wish Casino prosperity!

BitCasino Inspection & Ratings: Games, Free Spins & bonuses

BitCasino is just one of the most popular online casinos allowing to play with bitcoins. It is also happens to be the very first bitcoin casino on the planet to obtain the gambling license. BitCasino Utilizes the matches by the industry’s top software developers such as Microgaming, Endorphina, Betsoft, Play N Go, NetEnt. The casino features wide assortment of games to offer such as blackjack, blackjack and slots. The players can also attempt casino games with live dealers and SportsBook.

Overall Impression

BitCasino tries to impress the player right from the start. It welcomes you with the well designed web-site. All the information is well organized and easy to attain. You get any information about terms and conditions or, for example, affiliate program or casino license with just a couple of clicks. The casino site is Offered in Many Different languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Italian, Persian, Dutch, Japanese and Vietnamese.


All players can get following bonuses in their deposits:

  1. 100% bonus on the first deposit (1BTC max)
  2. 50% bonus on the next deposit (1BTC maximum )
  3. 25% reload bonus for each succeeding deposit (1BTC max)

Bonuses enable players to get more cash to play with for free. You should never forget to take a look at bonuses terms and conditions before choosing the bonus to be able to know each of the prerequisites.


Video Slots — BitCasino has a massive number of slot machine games to offer to its players. I need to say that’s one of the largest quantities of matches among online casinos in general. And one of the bitcoin casino, there are unquestionably little to no rivals with that many games out there. The casino website now has more than 700 games accessible from top-developers like Betsoft, Endorphina, Microgaming and NetEnt among them.

Each of the games have topnotch visuals, great sound effects and lots of fine features. This sort of casino games includes got excellent winning possibility. The most important reason behind it is the use of these features like crazy and scatter reel logos.

Games with Live Dealers — table and card games typical for real-life casinos may also be played in BitCasino. You might even get similar to real life casino encounter with live-dealers. Live-dealers are available 24/7. You are able to’sit at the table’ to play blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno, etc. . professional real life traders.

BlackjackBitCasino provides its players a multi-hand blackjack game offering all of the attributes regular for a blackjack game with blackjack spending 3 to 2, 2 to 1 on insurance and the dealer has to stand on soft 17. Everyone can play three hands simultaneously with processor denominations in 0.5 — 500. The minimum wager is just 1 mBTC and also the maximum for a bet is 300 mBTC.

Roulette — One of the supplied roulette games there’s American, European, and French blackjack. There is also an opportunity to play with the roulette with all the live-dealer. Along with the normal roulette betting choices, you also can create exceptional bets such as tiers along with orphelins on the left-hand facet. The processor denominations vary from 0.5 — 100 and the allowed maximum for a bet per spin is 300 mBTC.

Sportsbook — In the moment casino has approximately 30000 pre-live occasions weekly and about 10000 live events to give. The significant focus is put on the bigger leagues in all types of sports from all over the globe.

All the games simple to achieve from’Games’ page. The webpage has fine’Search’ feature which makes finding your favorite games simple and quick. But sadly, there occurred some technical difficulties. Some games did not load for me. A number of these took reloading the webpage, some required somewhat extra-waiting, and a few did not load in any way. I’m not stating that each of the games do not get the job done. I’m not even attempting to say that there’re many games not functioning, but unfortunately, some gamers may face some troubles trying to play with a number of BitCasino’s matches .


Casino’s support service is available 24/7. You can contact them either via e-mail or simply by clicking on the Live Chat button on the monitor.

Affiliate Programm

BitCasino offers, as it’s said on their site,’the greatest rewarding affiliate program in the bitcoin business’. It provides 25% commission right from the start and it can be enlarged further up to 50 percent.

Mobile casino

The cellular version of BitCasino was not available right from the beginning and developers spent quite a time developing it. And the wait was worthwhile. In the moment BitCasino has its own premium portable version accessible for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users.

You just open the casino’s page in your mobile device’s browser and you’re in the game in a minute without having to download any extra applications.

What we love:

  • 700+ Games
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Live-dealers
  • 24/7 Live service
  • Routine bonuses on deposits
  • Generous affiliate application

What we despise:

  • Issues with loading a few matches.
  • Casino’s site may require decent hardware due to its layout.